Hegel h160 vs h190

At the same time, the Hegel skillfully unraveled more complicated musical passages with aplomb. This Harmonia Mundi disc is exceedingly well-recorded no surprise there! The Hegel offered a sense that the sound was ascending into the ether with ease and delicacy. That sense of delicacy also came through on one of my favorites, Doc Cheatham and Nicholas Payton [Verve].

The trumpets never became pinched or abrasive; rather, their blat was lifelike, and the articulation, particularly the way Cheatham likes to slur, bend, and twist notes, was very apparent. Nor was there any wiggle room on pitch definition. There was a jaunty quality to the music, an ability to clearly reproduce the interplay among the instrumentalists, that endowed the entire album with a real sense of drama. That is what the Hegel H did for me.

The Ypsilon SET Ultimate amplifiers, particularly after extensive upgrades performed by Demetris Baklavas in March, ascend into the empyrean sphere of musical reproduction.

Quite the contrary. To be sure, tube-lovers would be better advised to consider something like the Jadis. But the Hegel offers superbly linear, coherent, and engrossing musical playback.Watson says. It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. Much as with the remarkable Jadis DA88S integrated amplifier—whose price, by the way, was recently reduced, perhaps as a result of the strong U.

Where the Jadis floored me with its superb dynamics and color saturation of timbres, the Hegel brings a different set of strengths to the table, and at an even lower price point.

Auditioning it helped me to appreciate why earlier Hegel units have regularly received such positive notices in TAS, particularly from my esteemed colleague Kirk Midtskog. Hegel itself places a premium on the technology that it calls SoundEngine to reduce distortion in its equipment. Certainly, the company has kept the unit itself pretty simple.

hegel h160 vs h190

On the front panel there are two knobs, one on the left side to select the source, the other on the right to control the volume. The H also has the ability to stream music wirelessly.

hegel h160 vs h190

The overall presentation was unobtrusive in the sense that, while there was plenty of grip, there was also a relaxed sense of musical flow. Nothing sounded etched, forced, compressed, or grainy—this last a trait I strongly associate with gear at this price point from an earlier age. Now you might say the rest of this system constituted overkill, but it also allowed me to hear, to the fullest extent possible, what the Hegel was capable of.

Which is a lot. There was no foreshortening of the soundstage here. There was no smearing, no blurring, pretty much no nothing to disturb the illusion that Cohen had decided to pop by for an afternoon in my listening room.

Which is to say that its bass definition is stellar.By CycleNovember 26, in 2 Channel. We've not done AB as his then AS was being fixed. What confuses you about H Cycle? When i play with hegel via usb i find very netural-boring. I find it not so good as yamaha in the top end vocals.

I never listen yamaha to my listen but in 2 systems that i listen yamaha the vocals had to good clarity I've not heard H so my opinion is based on owning Rost and home demo of H If you find it. Hegel does certain things very well, however can't think of many Harbeth owners who'd go with Hegel. What Harbeths have you got? I take it you didn't demo the pairing? So he told me to take the netural hegel for value for money. The compo hegel dac and amp provides very netural sound I think he is right saying that but the problem is with dac shouild i choose.

So before changing amp maybe is better to change dac. Chord dac's seem to be the no brainer dac, but they are not cheap, awarded many times by whathifi and kenrick sound as you can se here also use chord dac.

Sorry been busy.

Kef R3 + Hegel H120 SOUND DEMO

As for sound quality i would say the Yamaha is neutral sounding but depends on what speakers you use with the Yamaha as the Yamaha has a nice neutral valve sounding sound to it being slightly warm which is pretty close to Hagel's sound and being pretty bold sound wise with good sound stage which fills the room and separates the instruments and makes them sound like they should do which i like as i want my instruments to sound natural as they would be if i was in the room with say the drums or a guitar.

But like any amplifier you need to try out them on your speakers to find out if its the right match on a sonic level as this is important i feel or you will just be changing amplifiers again down the road but i have not felt the need to change my Yamaha A-S as i really happy with it and feel you will not get any better for your money as long as you're got a good set of speakers.

If there any more info you need or i have missed let me no. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Posted November 26, Have somebody ever compare those two amps?!Another revelation was that a modestly powered amplifier could comfortably drive any speaker I paired it with.

It has many of the same features, including network connectivity via wired Ethernet, AirPlay, and DLNA, as well as support for a Control4 home automation system. According to Hegel, Spotify Connect will be implemented in the H in a future firmware update.

Another benefit of SoundEngine2 is a high damping factor -- important for woofer control -- which in the H gets a boost to over The color options are black and, becoming available around Maywhite. The only other thing on the front panel is a 6. The H weighs Also here are USB and Ethernet ports, alongside a set of high-quality speaker outputs that accommodate spade lugs, banana jacks, pins, and bare wire. Last come a power-cord inlet, and fixed and variable analog outputs RCA.

IR range was good, with enough power for me to bounce signals off the front wall of my room. I particularly liked how the H responds to a Mute command from the remote: instead of switching off abruptly, the volume level fades to silence. I connected the H to my home network using a powerline adapter and Ethernet cable. AirPlay sources included Apple Music and Tidal. With the Pioneer handling the decoding, both voices sounded a bit flatter and less distinct.

The martial snare-drum rhythm that opens this track was crisp and finely textured, and towered hugely in the mix. Against this background, subtle percussive elements such as conga drums and handclaps vividly stood out, creating a 3D-like layering. Similar to the guitars in the Grizzly Bear track, the keyboard solo about six minutes in had a strikingly resonant quality, and I could push the volume up without hearing strain or harshness.

Against this, the strings sounded textured and expansive, with a distinct sense of air around a solo cello that isolated it in space and drew it forward in the mix. Here, again, I heard no hint of strain, even as the track drew to its loud, somewhat explosive climax.

While both models have a similar sonic signature, I felt that the H delivered more headroom and control. The H proved a better match for the MartinLogan Motion 20s, for instance, which seemed to spark to life when fed extra power. But the clincher is the sound. Al Griffin This email address is being protected from spambots.

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Hegel H190

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. ErwinC New member. Nov 24, 53 0 0. Anyone heard the new Hegel H? Dec 22, 36 18, ErwinC said:. Sep 20, 5, Andrewjvt New member. Jun 18, 99 1 0. Andrewjvt said:.

No silver bad or m series power amps but I spotted a Nord w a channel power amp for only You must log in or register to reply here. Post thread. Humming Issue. Started by saman Apr 10, Replies: Throwing the cable cat amongst the pigeons! Mini HiFi components for my home office.The reason why Hegel has ranked high with us regarding their amplifiers is due to their understanding of what creates high quality sound.

Namely, the absence of noise and distortion. This is much harder to do than it appears. The new integrated Hegel H has been equipped with the latest version of this.

hegel h160 vs h190

This is a negative feedback technology, where the music signal is monitored in real time. If unexpected distortions occur, these are elegantly phased out. With the most powerfully integrated Hthis technology was a feature of version 2, with an additional ten times lower distortion than the first generation. This can be heard, because H is just as quiet as it is powerful.

With an output of 2 x 75 watts, it is nevertheless somewhat limited, which is why this reviewer for many reasons still prefers the older but more powerful model Hwhich can be bought for about the same price. Of course it has SoundEngine2, which lowers the noise floor and hopefully gives us an even cleaner sound with a firmer bass control.

The most obvious, visually speaking, is the pleasing OLED display, and the fact that the H is also available in white as well as standard black. H, like its big Brother H, has been given a damping factor of over 4, whereas many amplifiers have less than What does this mean? For example, if one goes by what is stated by Nelson Pass, chief designer and founder of Pass Labs, then there is something called a high-curb factor.

Over damping has a good transient response in the bass, but suffers from a significant loss in sound pressure in the bass. Bent Holter disagrees.

Hegel H160 Integrated Amplifier

His amplifiers sound good, but are not neutral. He has a sound signature. The fact that you might get a damping factor that are too high is a question of taste.

We try instead to create an amp that does exactly what it should, in as neutral a manner as possible. And this calls for a high damping factor. But when you play at low volume, it sounds a bit dry in comparison. The resolution is better, the bass control likewise, but the sound is more sterile. This may be what Nelson Pass means when he says the damping factor can be too high. H has double as much than that.If you look at some of the bigger names in the business this looks like the way the market is moving.

They would also like to be able to talk to it but we try to avoid novelty in this publication, if at all possible. Its founder, Bent Holter, has been making audio electronics since the early nineties. The H is the latest compact powerhouse amplifier with onboard DAC and network streaming capabilities. There is of course a display, a very clear OLED one that shows input and volume level in sensible high numbers means high volume style.

Quite why manufacturers persevere with negative relative dB figures that appear to work the other way round beats me; it must be a recipe for confusion among those less obsessed.

The rear panel is clearly laid out with analogue in and outputs on the left; these include balanced inputs and both fixed and variable outputs, which seems odd when you have a high powered amp onboard, but does offer the option of bi-amping. The right hand flank provides a sextet of digital inputs that includes three Toslinks and an Ethernet connection in their ranks. That last connection is the key one here.

Combine it with a third party control application such as BubbleUPnP and you have a network streamer that can pull music off of a NAS drive or audio server and send it through the DAC to the amplifier.

But if you have your own music library it will always sound better than online services.


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